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Georgia Akuwudike: A Multifaceted Trailblazer

About Me

Greetings! I'm thrilled to introduce myself, Georgia Akuwudike, a professional with a passion for excellence and a journey marked by achievement in the fields of accounting and logistics. Over the past 12 years, I've managed to carve a niche for myself as a dynamic leader who excels in driving performance and fostering innovation. My unique blend of skills includes people management, project coordination, analytical acumen, and exceptional interpersonal abilities.

Currently, I hold the esteemed position of Director of Operations at Amazon UK, where I also serve as the Technical Advisor (Chief of Staff) to the Vice President of Amazon’s Global Operations Services. My roots lie in Nigeria, and I proudly hold a chartered accountant credential along with a B.Sc. in Accounting from the University of Port Harcourt. My academic journey took me further to EDHEC Business School in France, where I graduated Summa cum laude with an M.Sc. in Finance.

My professional journey commenced in 2011 as an Accountant with Seamfix Ltd. From there, I embraced pivotal roles as a Senior Financial Services Auditor at both KPMG and PwC between 2012 and 2015. The year 2016 saw me transition to the dynamic world of Supply Chain Operations at Amazon, where I've embarked on a transformative seven-year journey. During this time, I've navigated through six distinct roles across seven different locations within E-commerce Customer Fulfilment Operations. Leading teams comprising over 3000 employees, my focus has been to ensure impeccable deliveries to Amazon's global clientele.

But my impact extends beyond operational excellence. I've been a driving force behind innovations that streamlined processes and contributed to significant cost savings. Notably, in 2022, I took on the responsibility of overseeing operations for the consumer business in Africa. In my current role, I'm at the forefront of strategizing for the EU and North America, serving as a key business liaison and consultant on a global scale.

My accomplishments have garnered recognition through prestigious awards, including the Best Graduating Student award the University of Port Harcourt in 2011 and the Best Female Chartered Accountant award from ICAN in 2013. A remarkable highlight was receiving the UK Everywoman in Logistics 'Above and Beyond' Award in 2019, a testament to my unwavering dedication and contributions.

Driven by a fervent commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, I've extended my influence beyond professional realms. I'm the founder of Amazon's Black Employee Network in the UK, a platform empowering underrepresented minorities. The spirit of empowerment led me to establish Raising Giants, a community fostering the next generation of African Female Giants rooted in the values of Proverbs 31.

Even outside my professional pursuits, I embrace life fully. I'm not only a dedicated DJ but also someone who participated in a live boxing tournament to support cancer research with Cancer Research UK.

In summation, I'm Georgia Akuwudike, a trailblazer who continually aspires for excellence. My multi-faceted journey, dedication to my career, and unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion make me a true inspiration and a role model for individuals aspiring to make their mark on the world.